BISEP Starter Company Plus Pitch

Coming up this August 29th, BISEP will be presenting at the Niagara Falls Starter Company Plus program to compete for the opportunity to secure multiple prizes to help grow and benefit the company. It is an honour for BISEP to present alongside fellow startups in a competitive and exciting atmosphere. Headlining the stage will be CEO and Founder Daniel Bordenave who will be showcasing the practicality, projections and future plans for the distribution of the ARMM 2.0. Furthermore, supported by recent research conducted by the company, Daniel will attempt to make a case for the widespread need for the ARMM in all hospitals due to improved rehabilitation and quality of life experienced by patients during experimental trials.

Businesses and startups of all kinds will participate in this competition to achieve a wide variety of prizes. these prizes include up to $5,000 in grant money, a mentor, One-on-One guidance, and more. the most valuable thing that starter plus brings to the table is the insight of running a business native to the region that the competition is held at. The BISEP team looks forward to the participation in this event and will deliver all the effort possible to compete on behalf of all the support received from patrons thus far.

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