BISEP Rotary Club Experience

Recently, the BISEP team was invited to showcase recent innovation progress at the Niagara Falls Rotary Club. Daniel Bordenave, CEO and Founder of BISEP, headlined the event, presenting the ARMM device to the Rotary Club members and expanding the change that it will bring not only to the Niagara region but also to Ontario as a whole.

The event debuted the latest version of the ARMM or "The ARMM 2.0" boasting changes made to the structure, versatility, and inclusivity of the device. The newer version of the ARMM also features a new sleek design that gives a truly futuristic feel to the device. Finally, the ARMM 2.0 has a smaller size compared with the bulky style seen in the earlier versions of the device.

The community of diverse individuals at the Rotary Club in Niagara Falls truly instigated an inspiring atmosphere for the BISEP. Innovative and creative ideas were exchanged between the guests in attendance and Daniel Bordenave to rake the ARMM device to the next level. Many inspiring questions also challenged the way that BISEP team initially thought and sparked a light to innovate even further.

Most inspiring of all was the overall commitment to the advancement in the community by the Rotary Club as all rose to acknowledge the four-way test:

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