BISEP Juravinski Hospital Experience

Last Thursday, BISEP was given the pleasure of presenting the ARMM device to a focus group of therapists of various specialties. BISEP presented the functionality of the ARMM and showcased how and where the ARMM was intended to be used. Furthermore, the ARMM was presented as a supplementation to therapist currently conducting rehabilitation with patients within the hospital .

With hands-on experience with the device, therapists gave valuable feedback on improvements to the ARMM and suggested several modifications to the overall design and structure of the device. therapists also provided insight into the accessibility of the ARMM for patients with specific conditions that the ARMM does not support, which will help expand the universality of the ARMM in the future.

CEO and Founder, Daniel Bordenave, emphasized how the ARMM can revolutionize rehabilitation for patients in the hospital. Daniel also highlighted the improvements of life that the ARMM can introduce with the new exercise mode where patients can remove the walker and perform a series of stretches and movements.

Before concluding the focus group meeting, therapists wrote down their thoughts, impressions, and overall opinion of the ARMM device. therapists also included exactly how the ARMM can be improved for full utilization in rehabilitation in the future while expressing their thoughts and concerns pertaining to incorporating the ARMM with their existing patients.

The feedback received from the therapist at the Juravinski Hospital will prove invaluable in BISEP's quest for redefining rehabilitation. BISEP team recognizes the importance of this evaluation and will strive to improve the ARMM to be recognized by everyone as a safe, reliable and effective device.

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