BISEP "The Onside" Interview

BISEP's CEO and founder Daniel Bordenave recently sat down with the Canadian corporate news network "The Onside" to talk about the development of BISEP as a company. The interview delves deep into some core motivations for the company as well as the overall mechanisms on how the company runs. Moreover, the interview gives a glimpse of the original motivation for starting the company as well as some of the key members currently on BISEP's team.

The interview also gives some insight into the audience BISEP is trying to target consistently. Mechanisms associated with how the target market is analyzed and assessed along with some projected revenue stream for the company were also shared, providing a behind-the-scenes look at how BISEP operates.

Finally, Daniel shares some challenges the company is currently facing in terms of moving the product to the market. Challenges concerning production management are also addressed as well as meeting market demands with current funds available. Nevertheless, BISEP looks forward to tackling these challenges head-on in an effort to eventually redefine the rehabilitation landscape and industry.

Full Interview and Details

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