BISEP at the OCE Discovery Conference

Inspiring, motivating, and revolutionary experience at the OCE Discovery conference

BISEP was extremely thankful to be considered for one of the top 50 youth entrepreneurs in Ontario and be invited to participate in the Ontario Center of Excellence Discovery Conference: Canada’s leading innovation-to-commercialization conference.

BISEP was offered a position in the Accessibility Innovation Showcase, where top accessibility entrepreneurs from Canada are invited to showcase their inventions and technologies to investors, business professionals and the public in general.

the BISEP team was truly honored to be considered one of the top up and coming Accessibility Innovation companies, and showcased the ARMM device and other future projects.

The BISEP team was nothing but inspired and motivated after the conference. The conference served as an innovative way to showcase what the team had worked so hard to accomplish while at the same time taking feedback not only from the community but also innovative leaders in the space.

BISEP looks forward to being invited to future conferences and expand the horizon in terms of what can be done to empower users of the ARMM in Canada.

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