Inefficency of Ambulation Training
ARMM (Ambulation, Retraining, Mobility, and Mechanism)

Ambulation and mobility training is an extremely important activity for the elderly population. Ambulation and mobility training reduces sedentary lifestyle, increases blood flow to lower limbs, delays onset of medical ailments, decreases fear of falling and increases freedom and quality of life.


Although our healthcare system is one of the best in the world, it lacks advancement to ambulation and mobility training. Training is not always safe and efficient. For example, it takes a team of 3 healthcare professionals to perform training with one patient and involves coordinated lifting and movement of wheelchair and walker.


As you can imagine, the time and energy required means most patients only receive training twice a week. This is not enough exercise to reverse blood flow, extend the muscles and decrease ailments.

The Solution

This problem inspired Bisep to create the ARMM, a dynamic structure that attaches an individual’s wheelchair directly to their walker. This device provides lateral support to the individual transferring from a wheelchair to a walker and also trails the wheelchair behind the individual’s walker to provide a safe support system.​


The ARMM increases the frequency of ambulation, increases walking confidence, and decreases sedentary time. The device will also decrease medical costs associated with mobility training and also eliminates the need to purchase other expensive mobility training apparatuses.